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Bamboo is one of the oldest building materials in human history - and for good reason: Due to the dense cell structure, bamboo tubes are very hard and robust, which makes them resistant to pressure or impact. At the same time, bamboo is light and flexible.

By the way: From a biological point of view, bamboo is a grass that can grow up to one meter per day under optimal climatic conditions. The tubes of the Bamboo Shaker come from the bamboo species Phyllostachys edulis, better known as Moso bamboo. They come from Vietnam and are between ten and fifteen years old when they are harvested.

Compared to other companies, we do not first import our raw materials to Europe in order to process them in this country. The production of all products takes place directly in the country of origin of the natural and sustainable raw material - i.e. in Vietnam and thus we can guarantee that the economy and small bamboo workshops also benefit from our company in the first place.




Because bamboo grows so extremely quickly, large amounts can be felled annually without endangering the population. New plants are constantly growing back from the extensive root systems. Therefore, when a bamboo cane is felled, the whole plant does not die, as is the case with trees, for example.

During its growth phases, bamboo binds a large amount of CO2, which it stores in its biomass. Hardly any fertilizers or pesticides are used in cultivation, as bamboo is very resistant. In addition, bamboo cultivation is predominantly small-scale and not very industrialized. The raw material bamboo is not only sustainable but also climate neutral. We do not use melamine resin or formaldehyde for our products.

With us you get sustainable and innovative bar accessories and the whole thing with a clear conscience!




Inspired by the natural look of bamboo tubes and the passion for Asian culture / art, the founder Mario Nestlehner succeeded in manufacturing the world's first cocktail shaker made of bamboo, which has been available in series worldwide since 2019.

bam bam stands for the unbelievable variety of possibilities which are also popular in the bar world with the wonderful material bamboo.

The "original bamboo shaker" is the heart of bam bam and embodies the idea of producing something as complex as a cocktail shaker from a plant or type of grass like bamboo, fully functional and durable. The original idea has now resulted in a high-quality, durable and absolutely unique product that should not be missing in any bar.

The love for bamboo as well as dhe idea of sustainability, the connection to Tiki culture and the many advantages that the bamboo shaker has compared to conventional shakers after a short period of familiarization make it an ingenious bar accessory for unique and sustainable bartenders! Many other interesting products made of bamboo for the catering trade or for home can be found in our SHOP!