bambambarware @ Liquid Market Cocktail Festival Wien - August 2021

bambambarware @ Liquid Market Cocktail Festival Vienna - August 2021

This year it was finally time again and after a year's break, the Liquid Market Cocktail Festival in Vienna could take its usual course and this year took place in the Vienna factory halls.

The inventor of bambam aka Mario Nestlehner was also there with his sustainable and innovative bar accessories made of bamboo and was there from Thursday to Saturday mixing signature drinks for the numerous guests. 100 other bars with their mixologists enchanted the guests with their cocktail creations from 2 p.m. in the afternoon. At 8 p.m. the after-show parties continued in the adjoining building - the whole area stretched across several extremely spacious halls, which were booked for the first time for this event. So there was enough space for a number of happy guests and friends of drinking culture. 

Excellent bars from all over the world, cocktail culture, workshops, street food, horny deeejays & phat after show party. All this and much more is the LIQUID MARKET in Vienna. 2022 for the second time on more than 10,000 m2 in the Vienna factory halls - check out >>> <<<

On Thursday and Friag mixed Mario for the company G'Vine Gin and Pampelle, as well as for his own company bambambarware. With their products, a "French Negroni" was created with equal parts gin, papelle and white vermouth stirred on ice with a fresh grapefruit zest.

It is truly unique, G'Vine Gin clearly stands out from the huge pool of premium gin brands. Unlike most other gins, it comes from France. But that's not all of the extravagance: what's really special about this gin is that it's based on grapes and not on grain.                             


On the last day, Mario mixed vermouth for the Burschik company from Vienna. 

BURSCHIK is an old Viennese brand. It has existed since 1891. A few years after it was founded, Mr. Burschik sold it to the ancestors of the current owner, Mag. Leonhard Specht.

The BURSCHIK brand has been owned by the Specht family for around a hundred years, and the company's headquarters have never been relocated. Now the brand has been revived.

Mario's signature drink for this year's Liquid Market Festival was called "Viennese Woodpecker Fizz" and contains Burschik Red Vermouth.


- 6cl Burschik Red Vermouth
- 3 dash Angostura Cocoa Bitters
- 3cl lemon juice
- 3cl Aqua Faba (chickpea water)
- 1.5cl maple syrup
- 3 slices of fresh ginger
Fill up with Sodawasher 
Decoration: ginger and cocoa powder


Here are more pictures from the Liquid Market 2021 - a great get-together of bartenders, cocktail lovers and real spirits connoisseurs. 


Photography by Thomas Dröszler Photography & Fabdrinx
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