About us

Who is behind bam bam?

Mario is the founder of bambam barware.

He has been in gastronomy for over 18 years - mainly behind the bar and therefore knows the area of ​​application of his products like the back of his hand.

One day, through his creative streak, he had the idea of ​​making a cocktail shaker out of bamboo. He was inspired by his first trip to Southeast Asia and his love of Asian culture and art. After years of trying and tinkering, building and testing, the time had come in 2019: He held the first production-ready and original "Bamboo Shaker" in his hands and finally the way to series production could be paved.

It was very important to him that the end product could be used both professionally and privately.

The product range is constantly being expanded and from bamboo drinking straws to the latest bambam products such as bamboo jiggers, muddlers or strainers, nothing is left to be desired - neither for bartenders nor for bamboo and nature lovers. The passion for bamboo and its sustainable and innovative uses in the bar world plays the biggest role at bambam! 

Why bamboo?

Bamboo is one of the oldest building materials in human history - and for good reason: Due to the dense cell structure, bamboo canes are very hard and robust, which makes them resistant to pressure or impact. At the same time, bamboo is light and flexible.

In comparison to other companies, we do not first import our raw materials to Europe for further processing here. All products are produced directly in Vietnam. We can therefore guarantee that regional service providers in the country of origin benefit from our company and our products.

Since bamboo grows extremely quickly, large quantities can be felled every year without endangering the stock. New plants are constantly growing from the extensive root systems.

During its growth phases, bamboo binds a large amount of CO2, which it stores in the biomass. Hardly any fertilizers or pesticides are used during cultivation because bamboo is very resilient. In addition, bamboo cultivation is predominantly smallholder and little industrialized. The raw material bamboo is not only sustainable, but also climate-neutral. We neither use melamine resin nor formaldehyde for our products.

With us you get sustainable and innovative bar accessories and without a guilty conscience!