Daniyel Jones / BA Angostura @ Rum Festival Wien 2021

Daniel Jones / BA Angostura @ Rum Festival Wien 2021

Vienna Rum Festival Vienna 2021

Together with the specialist trade and the online shop Rumzentrum.at, the festival once again became an international hotspot for everything to do with rum: more than 40 producers and exhibitors presented hundreds of types of rum from all over the world - rum lovers had the unique opportunity to 300 types of rum to discover. The new, extraordinary setup and the Cuban music created a unique atmosphere! With numerous tastings, Austria's largest rum cocktail challenge, a live Cuban band and a large food area, there was a worthy supporting program. The tasting of high-quality rums from all over the world and the celebration of the togetherness of rum connoisseurs and those who want to become one was absolutely in the foreground.


Daniyel Jones - Global Brand Ambassador, The House of Angostura

Daniyel Jones, the international brand ambassador of The House of Angostura, was also there and mixed some of his great cocktail creations with the great range from The House of Angostura, from the world-famous bitters to the incredibly delicious rums.

Here are a few of his exciting drink creations:



- Angostura 1999 Rum

- Angostura Aromatic Bitters

- Lime juice

- Zucker



- Angostura 7yrs Rum

- Angostura Cocoa Bitters

- Anansaft

- Lime juice

- Espresso



- Angostura 1824

- Angostura Aromatic Bitters

- Red vermouth


The Vienna Rum Festival was followed by a dinner with drinks by Daniyel Jones at Moby Dick Vienna. Here Daniyel Jones officially received his own "Original Bamboo Cocktail Shaker" from Mario Nestlehner/ presented by Fabdrinx. After a sensational professional video was shot with the bamboo cocktail shaker by bambam with Cocktailsforyou and Daniyel Jones in 2020, it was high time that the "master of mixology" Mr. Jones also got his own bamboo bar accessories.


Daniyel Jones - Global Brand Ambassador, The House of Angostura


We at bambam wish Mr. Jones a lot of fun with our sustainable bamboo bar accessories and the small thank you to him and we would like to thank him again for his support and recognition.


Many thanks to:

The House of Angostura


Thomas Dröszler Photography

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