Handmade bar accessories made of bamboo by bam bam for unique and sustainable bartenders / gastronomy - WEBSHOP MOVE !!!

Our webshop / online shop www.bambam.cc with bamboo bar accessories has moved to our new domain www.bambambarware.com  



Our webshop and its bar accessories for unique and sustainable bartenders are also available to you after the move with all features available in full.
In the meantime our range has grown enormously and after just over two years on the market we have around 20 different handcrafted bamboo products of the highest possible quality level. The improvement and further development of our products, as well as the constant striving for further innovative possibilities made of bamboo for the bar world / gastronomy is the engine that drives bam bam.
Nothing gives me greater pleasure than making bartender hearts beat faster with our innovative bamboo products / designs!
Now nothing like clicking on the NEW WEBSHOP !!! 

NEW email contact: info@bambambarware.com




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