• Load the picture into the gallery viewer, XXL PANDA TIKI-BAMBOO CUP.
  • Load the picture into the gallery viewer, XXL PANDA TIKI-BAMBOO CUP.


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Handmade drinking cup made of bamboo -  Drinking cup in PANDA TIKI DESIGN XXL brings the Panda & Tiki flair to every drink -Keeps Drinks ICE COLD - Eco-Friendly Alternative - Capacity: approx. 500ml / height approx. 14cm / diameter approx. 8cm

Designed by Mario aka bam bam in collaboration with Ming River

Free delivery from a total order value of €100 to Austria/Germany | Delivery time within Europe approx. 2-7 working days | 14 days right of return 


Because bamboo grows so extremely fast, large quantities can be felled annually without endangering the stock. New plants are constantly growing from the extensive root systems. Therefore, when a bamboo cane is felled, the whole plant does not die, as is the case with trees, for example. Only companies from Vietnam that use sustainable bamboo for production are involved in the production.

It is not only for this reason that we manufacture the PANDA TIKI drinking cup from bamboo, also because we have generally set ourselves the goal of using sustainable natural materials and this is becoming increasingly important, especially in the bar scene.

In addition, the bamboo cup is extremely light and drinks of all kinds, especially long drinks and tiki cocktails, come into their own in this container and thus embody the connection to bamboo and pandas. 

Visually, the drinking cup is a real eye-catcher, it is extremely robust and it keeps drinks ice cold and brings genuine TIKI flair to all tropical or Asian-inspired cocktails - ideal drinking cup for PANDA FANS! Impress your friends at the next (Tiki) cocktail party or dinner at home!


Are you looking for sustainable alternatives to conventional products for parties, private households, gastronomy/catering or events? We have just the right thing for you and offer environmentally friendly, noble products that are unique in design. Most items can only be obtained from us! Also ideal as a company gift/birthday for your employees or friends!

Would you like your own company logo as branding on the PANDA TIKI drinking cup? We would be happy to put together an individual offer – Email Contact . (Other sizes and large quantities are also possible)

FOR B2B ORDERS - email to info@bambambarware.com


For cleaning, it is completely sufficient to clean the PANDA TIKI drinking cup with a wet cloth and some washing-up liquid, then rinse with water and dry with a dry cloth. For thorough cleaning, put the bamboo cup in a warm water/vinegar solution (water 20 : vinegar 1) and after 10-13 minutes again in a water bath without vinegar. When cleaning in the dishwasher, the product gradually loses its water-repellent + protective properties, so we advise against it!

Duration of use: Depending on the intensity and cleaning, several weeks/months/years are possible.

Our packaging is of course also environmentally friendly - raw materials on a biological basis are used here.